Vocal Chamber Music

"groet god" - song cycle for mezzo soprano and string quartet, set to poems of Eva Gerlach and Sasja Janssen (27 measures, uncompleted)

The intended musicians for this composition were Ekaterina Levental (mezzosoprano) and the Hermitage Quarten with stage direction of designer Chris Koolmees. At the time of his death, René Samson had composed 27 measures. The composition remains uncompleted.

"The Scent of Pink" - a song cycle on poems by Asaph Ben-Menahem (in Hebrew) for contralto and piano (2017).

According to plan, the first performance will be given by Israeli alto Noa Frenkel and pianist Shuann Chai.

"Oaks" on a poem of Z.Herbert (translated from Polish to English by A.Valles) for mezzo-soprano and harpsichord (2017)

Commissioned by Fanny Alofs (mezzo/contralto) and Goska Isphording (harpsichord).

Three Sonnets on Poems of Maarten Maartens for Baritone and Piano (2015)

Commissioned by the Maarten Maartens Society (represented by Jurriaan Roentgen). First performance to be held on September 26, 2015, at the occasion of Maartens (1858-1915) centennial, by: Mattijs van de Woerd (baritone) and Shuann Chai (piano).

Duet-aria entitled: "Guglielmo Ebreo" (2014) for soprano, baritone, violin and harpsichord on an original libretto by Tsafrira Levy.

This aria eventually will be worked out to a full opera about the life of the eponymous hero, Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro, the XVth-century Italian-Jewish dance master, author of the first treatise about the Noble Art of Dancing.

Kultuurtuin Kawina for mezzo-soprano and percussion (2013) on poems by Surinamese poets Bernardo Ashetu and Michaël Slory

Commissioned by the subfaculty of Caribbean Literature of the University of Amsterdam.

Walking into Clarity for baritone and piano (2012) – a musical fantasy based on the life and work of Ivor Gurney.

Commissioned by Mattijs van de Woerd (baritone) and Shuann Chai (piano).

Fragment from Walking into Clarity; baritone: Mattijs van de Woerd, piano: Shuann Chai; recording: Yoursonics, The Hague.

Three Yiddish Songs for mezzosoprano, viola and piano (2011).

Commissioned by Marianne Selleger (mezzosoprano).

Four Whitman Songs for baritone and piano (2011).

Written for Mattijs van de Woerd (baritone) en Shuann Chai (piano); commissioned by Theo Kemperman, for the occasion of his husband's (Ken Gould's) 50th birthday.

The hours rise up for mezzosoprano and cello (2010).

Commissioned by Oda Hochscheid (mezzo) and Doris Hochscheid (cello) for the occasion of their sister's (Helle Hochscheid) wedding . Performed: June 21, 2010. Text: E.E. cummings.

The darkling thrush – song cycle for mezzosoprano (or contralto) and wind quintet (2008).

Commissioned by the Ruah Wind Quintet and Cécile van de Sant. Song cycle set to texts by English poets (Sir Edward Dyer, Walt Whitman, Robinson Jeffersand Thomas Hardy); common theme of the poems: animals.

Wagner's Dreams (2007) - song for baritone, violin, viola, cello and piano on a poem by Alissa Valles.

Commissioned by the International Chamber Music Festival The Hague. Performed September 2007 at this Festival by Mattijs van de Woerd (baritone) and the Cristofori Piano Quartet.

Mattijs van de Woerd, baritone; Eva Stegeman, violin; Johannes Erkes, viola, Eric de Wit, cello; Paolo Giacometti, piano.

Juliana's (2006) - for soprano and harp; on a text of Olaf Mulder.

Commissioned by Musica del Cuore (Caroline Erkelens - soprano and Anne Nydam-Koene - harp). Performed by Caroline Erkelens and Anne Nydam-Koene February 2007 in the Concertgebouw.

Songs of Love and Merriment - Six Elisabethan Songs (2005) for female voice and harp.

Commissioned by Musica del Cuore (Caroline Erkelens - soprano and Anne Nydam-Koene - harp).

Regardant... écoutant ... (Looking ... hearing ...) (2004) – song cycle on poems by Philippe Jaccottet.

Commissioned by Valérie Guillorit – soprano, Jacobien Rozemond – violin, Doris Hochscheid - cello and Frans van Ruth – piano. These musicians gave two performances of this piece: March 2006 at the Chateau de Grignan (in Southern France) in the presence of M.Jaccottet himself and June 2006 in the Bethaniënklooster in Amsterdam.

Valérie Guillorit, soprano; Jacobien Rozemond, violin; Doris Hochscheid, cello; Frans van Ruth, piano; live recording.

Twee psalmen (Two Psalms) (1990/2001) for baritone, three horns and tuba.

Performed by Ken Gould (baritone) and four brass players in the synagogue (LJG) in The Hague on November 2001 and May 2002.

Drie madrigalen (Three Madrigals) (1998/1999) – song cycle on poems by Petrarca, Montale and Lucebert for soprano, clarinet and piano.

Performance: April 2001 in Alkmaar by Karin Ten Cate – soprano, Jos Ruiters – clarinet and Marianne Habets – piano.

Tegen de tijd (Against Time) (1997) – song cycle on poems by Rutger Kopland for baritone, clarinet and piano.

Performance: June 1998 by Ken Gould - baritone, Ivar Berix - clarinet and Frans van Ruth – piano.

Ken Gould, baritone; Ivar Berix, clarinet; Frans van Ruth, piano.

In Limine (On the Threshold) (1994/1995) – song cycle on poems by Eugenio Montale for mezzo-soprano, flute, violin, cello and piano.

First performance: June 1998 by Myra Kroese - mezzo, Raymond Honing - flute, Jacobien Rozemond – violin, Doris Hochscheid - cello and Frans van Ruth - piano; CD release on Sol Classics (refer to Web-page CD's); partly with other performers.

Instrumental Chamber Music

Butternut Squash Za'atar for flute and piano (2015)

Commissioned by young American flutist Emma Resmini.

Réflexions for flute and viola (2014).

Commissioned by Duo Leeghwater (flutist Marieke Franssen and violist Marieke Wenink).

Crossing lines for violin and piano (2013).

Commissioned by violinist Joris van Rijn.

Joris van Rijn, violin; Jeroen Sarphati, piano.

Waterspel ("Water-play") for fortepiano and guitar (2013).

Commissioned by the Geelvinck Museum for their 2013 Fortepiano Festival.

SU4 for saxophone quartet (2013).

Commissioned by the Aurelia Quartet.

Lines, Dots and So On for two harps (2012).

Commissioned by Duo Bilitis.

Contrasting moods for flute, clarinet, percussion and piano (2011).

Commissioned by Ensemble Sizzle.

Thirty-one steps to heaven for flute, clarinet, viola, 31-tone guitar, piano, 31-tone organ and percussion (2010).

Commissioned by the Huygens-FokkerEnsemble. First performance: November 28, 2010, Muziekgebouw aan het IJ.

Sporen for flute, violin, viola, cello and harp (2010).

Commissioned by the Lumaka Ensemble. First performance: February 20, 2011, Abcoude.

Profiles for violin and piano (2010).

Commissioned by the Davina van Welyconcours for young violinists 2011.

Maxime Gulikers, viool; Thom Janssen, piano; Davina van Welyconcours, januari 2011, Den Haag.

Lamentos for flute and cimbalon (2009).

Commissioned by Marieke Schneeman (flute) and Michiel Weidner (cimbalom).

Marieke Schneemann, flute; Michiel Weidner, cimbalom.

Windkracht Acht (Beaufort Eight) for eight flutes (2009).

Commissioned by Flute-octet Blow-up. Perfomed by Blow-up November 2009 in The Hague.

Four pieces for flute, violin and double bass (2008).

Commissioned by Rick Stotijn. First performance: February 2010 concert series Jonge Nederlanders in the Concertgebouw by Peter Verduyn Lunel - flute, Cecilia Bernardini - violin and Rick Stotijn – double bass.

Peter Verduyn Lunel, flute; Cecilia Bernardini, violin; Rick Stotijn, double bass.

Farewell (dance, little sisters) (2007) - for piano solo.

Music inspired by a sculpture by Sjef Voets. First performance by Paolo Giacometti, May 24, 2009 in Museum de Pont, Tilburg.

Murmurs and cries (2005) for flute and bassclarinet.

Commissioned by Ainoa Miranda - bassclarinet and Melkorka Olafsdottir - flute. Premiered by them December 2005 in the Badcuyp in Amsterdam (concert series of the Karnatic Lab).

Leeggelopen Zee, Versplinterd Glas (Emptied Sea, Shattered Glass) (2001) – song without words for viola and piano on a poem by Yorgos Seferis.

Commissioned by Elisabeth Smalt – viola. Performed by her in October 2003 with Frans van Ruth – piano in the concert series of the Leo Smit Foundation.

Blues? Hin da mit! (2001) for piano.

Commissioned by Marcel Worms. Performed by him in De Ysbreker in November 2001.

B.G. & Co. (2000) for clarinet, cello and piano.

Commissioned by Marlies Klumpenaar, clarinet; performed several times by her with Daniela Bock – cello and Sibylle Wolf and Frans van Ruth – piano, amongst others at the occasion of her final exam (Sweelinck Conservatory, Amsterdam, April/May 2001).

Elef Lajla We-lajla (1001 Nights) (2000) for solo-violin (and voice and foot-bells).

Commissioned by Jacobien Rozemond. Performed by her numerous times in the period 2001 – 2004; première: May 2001 in the concert series of the Leo Smit Foundation; CD release on Sol Classics (refer to Web-page CD's).

Sonata for cello and piano (1999).

Commissioned by Doris Hochscheid - cello and Frans van Ruth – piano; performed by them several times; first performance: February 2000 in the concert series of the Leo Smit Foundation; CD release on Sol Classics (refer to Web-page CD's).

To Yodl or not to (1996) for piano.

Performed several times by Ruth Rose in 1997.

Episoden (Episodes) (1994) for two pianos tuned in quarter tones.

Performance: November 2001 in De Ysbreker by Sara Crombach and Ruth Rose.

Fragment van het begin.

Fragment van het einde.

Sara Crombach and Ruth Rose – pianos.

Piano Trio (1992) for piano, violin and cello.

Performance: June 1998 by Frans van Ruth - piano, Jacobien Rozemond - violin and Doris Hochscheid - cello.

Two pieces for cello solo (1991).

First performance: February 2017 by Emma Kroon.

Choral Music

Collage in tijd ("Collage in time") for mixed choir, solo alto and solo bass (2017).

Commissioned by choir esGROOT, based in The Hague, for the occasion of their 20th anniversary.

Kinot (Lamentations) (2012) - Oratorio for mixed choir, brass, percussion and harp.

On biblical texts (Jeremia's Lamentations and Psalm 23) and a poem by Nelly Sachs. Commissioned by Ex Animo (Oratorio choir based in Leiden).

Two fragments from Kinot: Jeremia book-V and Psalm-23. Performing artists: Oratorio Choir Ex Animo, directed by Wim de Ru, Brass Ensemble Neos Brass, Harpist Miriam Overlach. Recording : Yoursonics, The Hague.

Ourrichar Gangridge (2006) for female choir on poems by Anneke Brassinga.

Commissioned by the Netherlands Youth Choir.

Three Rowdy Songs for mixed choir a capella (1998).

Herinneringen aan een gedroomd eiland (Memories of an Imagined Island) (1995/1996).

Large work for speaker, choir, piano and percussion on poems by Yorgos Seferis and Willem van Toorn.

Music For Large Ensembles

In the House of the Departed - song cycle for contr'alto and ensemble, set to poems of Asaph Ben-Menahem (2019).

The first performance will be played by Noa Frenkel (alto) and the New European Ensemble. The ensemble consists of 15 players (5x woodwinds, 3x brass, 1 percussionist , 1 piano, 5 strings). Duration: circa 40 minutes.

Splinters for soprano and symphony orchestra (2009) on a poem of Alissa Valles.

Commissioned by Charlotte Riedijk and Holland Symfonia. This piece is an abbreviated version (for symphony orchestra) of Fragments-20. First performance: September 11, 2010 at the Gaudeamus Festival, Muziekgebouw aan het Y.

Charlotte Riedijk, soprano; Holland Symfonia conducted by Hans Leenders; concert as part of the Gaudeamus Festival 2010; Muziekgebouw aan het Y, september 2010.

Fragments-20 for soprano and ensemble (2009) on a poem of Alissa Valles.

Commissioned by soprano Charlotte Riedijk and the Valerius Ensemble.

1st Movement

2nd Movement

3rd Movement

4th Movement

Charlotte Riedijk, soprano; Valerius Ensemble conducted by Jacob Slagter; Muziekcentrum Enschede, 27/11/2011.

Calmovivo (2007) - for string orchestra.

Commissioned by Amsterdam Sinfonietta with financial support from the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst. Performed March 2008 by AmsterdamSinfonietta in the Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan het Y.

Tehilim (2006) for baritone and large wind ensemble.

Commissioned by Arne Visser. Performed by Gilad Nezer (solo) and an ad-hoc ensemble of wind players from the The Hague Conservatory with Arne Visser as conductor (June 2006).

Clairobscure (2006) - for solo string quartet and string orchestra.

Performed by the Zoroaster String Ensemble (dir. by Herman Draaisma) June 2008.


We'll never let you down (act three, 2019) - chamber opera about the tragic life of cellist Jacqueline du Pré

René Samson completed the third act and heard its performance. Based on the existing libretta the opera was completed in 2020 by Mathilde Wantenaar (first act) and Max Knigge (second act).

We'll never let you down (2018) - a preliminary sketch for a chamber opera based on a libretto of Mirjam Koen and Gerrit Timmers for baritone, actress, cello and piano.

Written for Mattijs van de Woerd (baritone), Doris Hochscheid (cello and actress), Frans van Ruth (piano); stage-direction by Mirjam Koen and Gerrit Timmers.

Guglielmo Ebreo (2016) - chamber opera for 5 solo singers, mixed choir and ensemble (2 oboes, percussion, harpsichord and 5 strings (2/1/1/1)) based on an original libretto by Tsafrira Levy.

Het Ware Geweld for tenor, bariton, actor, violin, cello, piano and percussion (2011).

Chamber version of the eponymous opera (2004).

Live recording (Next Level Audio Recordings, The Hague) of performance on May 11, 2014 at the Uilenburger Synagogue, Amsterdam.

Act I - scene 3: Roland's song of praise;

Act I - scene 4: Dieter's exaltation;

Act III - scene 5: Farewell.

Gerben Houba - tenor, Michel Poels - baritone, Marijke Beversluis - declamation, Jacobien Rozemond - violin, Doris Hochscheid - cello, Frans van Ruth - piano, Niels Meliefste - percussion.

Het Ware Geweld (The True Violence) (2002/2004) – Opera on an original libretto of Olaf Mulder.

For promotional purposes a CD has been made (November 2003) of several fragments from the opera with a condensed instrumental ensemble. Participantsin this CD-production were: Jan-Willem Baljet – baritone, Marcel Beekman – tenor, Ken Gould– bass/baritone, Julia Bronkhorst – soprano, Myra Kroese –mezzo-soprano, Jeroen Sarphati and David Bollen – piano I and II, Raymond Honing – flute, Jacob Goud – percussion. Recording by Jan Maarten van den Boom.

Julia Bronkhorst, soprano; Jeroen Sarphati, piano-I; David Bollen, piano-II, Jacob Goud, percussion.

De Vervalsing (The Falsification) (1993/1994) – comical opera.

Performance: June 1994 in the Korzo Theatre in The Hague by an ad-hoc opera company under the direction of Nora Tours; choreography: Hanna Samson.