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Compsitions are numbered in chronological order and divided into different categories.

Blues Hin Da mit kl
#4 Songs (1989)
#15 Four Christmas Songs, for soprano (flute), violin, and cello (1994)
#18 In Limine, song cycle for mezzo-soprano, flute, violin, cello, and piano on poems by Eugenio Montale (1995)
#19 Four Beatles Songs, for a cappella vocal ensemble (1995)
#24 Against Time, song cycle for baritone, clarinet, and piano on poems by Rutger Kopland (1997)
#29 Three Madrigals, song cycle for soprano, clarinet, and piano on poems by Petrarca, Montale, and Lucebert (1998)
#40 Two Psalms, for baritone, three horns, and tuba (2001)
#43 Three Yiddish Songs, for mezzo, viola, and piano (2003)
#44 Regardant … écoutant..., song cycle for soprano, violin, cello, and piano on poems by Philippe Jaccottet (2004)
#46 Songs of Love and Merriment, for female voice and harp (2005)
#48 Arrangement of 4 songs by F. Cavalli, for voice and piano (2006)
#51 The Julianas, music theater for soprano and harp on text by Olaf Mulder (2006)
#52 Wagner’s Dreams, for baritone, violin, viola, cello, and piano on a poem by Alissa Valles (2007)
#58 The darkling thrush, song cycle for mezzo-soprano and wind quintet (2008)
#66 The hours rise up, for mezzo-soprano and cello (2010)
#71 Three Yiddish Songs, for mezzo-soprano, viola, and piano (2011)
#73 Four Whitman Songs, for baritone and piano (2011)
#74 Walking into Clarity, a musical fantasy for baritone and piano based on the life and work of Ivor Gurney (2012)
#81 Cultuurtuin Kawina, for mezzo-soprano and percussion on texts by the Surinamese poets Bernardo Ashetu and Michaël Slory (2013)
#85 Guglielmo Ebreo, for soprano, baritone, violin, and harpsichord, the duet-aria on a text by Tsafrira Levy (2014)
#87 Three Sonnets, for baritone and piano on poems by Maarten Maartens (2015)
#93 Oaks, for mezzo-soprano and harpsichord on a poem by Z. Herbert (2017)
#94 The Scent of Pink, a song cycle for alto and piano on poems by Asaph Ben-Menahem (2017)
#27 Wintering on Nova Zembla (1997)
#30 Don Quixote (1998)
#36 Robinson Crusoe (2000)
#39 Damon and Pythias (2001)
#5 Dialogue of Two Old Men on the Foundations of Philosophy, for flute (1990)
#6 Two Pieces, for solo cello (1991)
#7 Trio Double-V, for flute, oboe, and cello (1991)
#8 Trio for Piano, piano, violin, and cello (1992)
#12 Bagatelle, for piano (1992)
#14 Episodes, for two pianos in quarter-tones (1994)
#23 To Yodl or Not to, for solo piano (1996)
#22 A Little Gamelan Music, for flute and piano (1997)
#31 Sonata, for cello and piano (1999)
#33 Elef Lajla We-lajla, for solo violin with vocals (2000)
#35 B.G. & Co, for clarinet, cello, and piano (2000)
#37 Blues? Hin da mit!, for solo piano (2001)
#38 Deflated Sea, Shattered Glass, for viola and piano (2001)
#41 Cadenza for Four Players, for piccolo violin, block flute, vibraphone, and double bass (2002)
#45 Murmurs and Cries, for flute and bass clarinet (2005)
#54 Acequias, for harp and marimba (2007)
#55 Farewell, for solo piano (2007)
#56 Four Pieces, for flute, violin, and double bass (2008)
#57 Lebensstürme, for 8 flutes, a transcription of Lebensstürme by Schubert
#60 Wind Force Eight, for eight flutes (2009)
#61 Diary of an Unhappy Love, for flute and cimbalom (2009)
#64 Profiles, for violin and piano (2010)
#65 Traces, for flute, violin, viola, cello, and harp (2010)
#67 Thirty-one Steps to Heaven, for flute, clarinet, viola, 31-tone guitar, piano, 31-tone organ, and percussion (2010)
#68 Synthesia #1, for 7 trombones (2011)
#68b For Sacha and Jaron, for piano (2011)
#70 Contrasting Moods, for flute, clarinet, percussion, and piano (2011)
#75 Seven Sorrowful Seagulls by a Pricey Ice Hole, for cello (2012)
#77 Arrangement of Webern's Variations for Piano Op. 27, for 2 harps (2012)
#79 Lines, Dots and So On, for two harps (2012)
#80 SU4, for saxophone quartet (2013)
#83 Water Play, for fortepiano and guitar (2013)
#84 Crossing Lines, for violin and piano (2013)
#86 Reflections, for flute and viola (2014)
#88 Butternut Squash Za'atar, for flute and piano (2015)
#89 For Emile, for solo tuba (2015)
#90 Arrangement of Three Parts from The Art of Fugue, for violin, horn, and piano (2015)
#95 Theme and Variations for Mike and Mirek, for viola (2017)
#99 Jaron 47, for piano (2019)
#19 Four Beatles Songs, for a cappella group (1995)
#20 Memories of a Dreamed Island, for speaker, choir, piano, and percussion on poems by Yorgos Seferis and Willem van Toorn (1995/1996)
#21 No Strings but Threads, for 3 mixed choirs (1996)
#26 Three Songs about The Hague, for 4-part men's choir (1997)
#28 Three Mischievous Songs, for mixed choir a cappella (1998)
#34 To a Young Fisherman, for men's choir (2000)
#43 Three Yiddish Songs, for choir a cappella (2003)
#49 Ourrichar Gangridge, for women's choir on poems by Anneke Brassinga (2006)
#59 Drents Triptych, for mixed choir a cappella (2008)
#76 Kinot (Lamentations), for mixed choir, brass ensemble, percussion, and harp (2012)
#78 Little Fish, Keep Your Trap Shut, for mixed choir (2012)
#96 Collage in Time, for mixed choir, solo alto, and solo bass (2017)
#10 Orchestration of 5 songs by Samuel Barber Hermit Songs (1992)
#11 Four German Songs, for baritone and orchestra (1992)
#17 Batavia goes pop, for symphony orchestra (1995)
#47 Tehilim, for baritone and wind orchestra (2006)
#50 Clairobscure, for solo string quartet and string ensemble (2006)
#53 Calmovivo, for string ensemble (2007)
#62 Fragments-20, for soprano and ensemble on a poem by Alissa Valles (2009)
#63 Splinters, for soprano and symphony orchestra on a poem by Alissa Valles (2009)
#69 Schumann Liederkreis, for 11 instruments, based on Schumann's op.39 (2011)
#98 In the House of the Departed, song cycle for contralto and ensemble on poems by Asaph Ben-Menahem (2019)
#13 The Forgery, opera (1993/1994)
#42 The True Violence, opera in four acts on an original libretto by Olaf Mulder (2002/2004)
#72 The True Violence, for tenor, baritone, speaking voice, violin, cello, piano, and percussion (2011)
#91 Arrangement of Si duolcement me fait amours as final chorus Guglielmo Ebreo (2015)
#92 Guglielmo Ebreo, chamber opera for 5 solo singers, mixed choir and ensemble on an original libretto by Tsafrira Levy (2016)
#97 We'll Never Let You Down, chamber opera about the life of Jacqueline du Pré, third act, for baritone, actress, cello, and piano, libretto by Mirjam Koen and Gerrit Timmers (2018)
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